Doha, Qatar
Indoor Lighting

The view hospital in the heart of Qatar provides top notch healthcare services with a focus on patient’s well-being.

The interior lighting complied with world class requirements for healthcare facilities and upon international standards. the lighting took into consideration attention to the various functions of the hospital and attaining the comfort of the patients.

The lighting within the hospital is designed with the patient’s well-being in mind. Patient rooms, waiting areas, and corridors feature lighting scenes that can be adjusted to suit various purposes, including relaxation, reading, or medical examinations. This adaptability aims to reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing the healing process.

An ambiance of relaxation took over the patients’ rooms with stretch ceilings providing ambient general lighting. Moreover, all fixtures took had a low UGR that ensures comfortable light throughout the hospital.

The View Hospital in Qatar is committed to sustainable healthcare practices, and this extends to its lighting. Energy-efficient LED technology is extensively utilized, reducing the hospital’s environmental footprint and operating costs while ensuring long-lasting and reliable lighting solutions.