Doha, Qatar
Facade and Landscape Lighting

Our vision for the landscape and facade is to create a captivating illumination that artfully accentuates the architectural elements in a minimal way. The interplay of warm and cold lighting will lend a dynamic ambiance to the surroundings, creating an inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy.

The architecture of Narjis View embodies the essence of simplicity, modernity, and contrast.

Through a contrast-focused lighting approach, the building’s architectural elements shine, creating an alluring environment.

Skillfully positioned light sources emphasize unique features, textures, and lines, adding depth with dynamic color temperature interplay.

To accentuate these defining characteristics, our proposed facade lighting design will focus on establishing contrasting layers that distinguish the commercial building.

Moreover, in the landscape, we aim to highlight certain areas dynamically and interactively, creating an appealing and attractive visual experience.

By strategically illuminating key areas of the landscape, the general lighting creates a cohesive visual connection between the exterior architecture and the surrounding environment.