Doha, Qatar
Facade Lighting

Qatar’s first football venue, built since 1976, Khalifa stadium is a stunning ultra-modern stadium that stands as a symbol of innovation and grandeur. the expansion for the national icon depended on highlighting the signature lighting arches, which spans the entire facility.

The goal was to create an intelligent led grid that could comprehend serial interfaces and create patterns. led pitch illumination and digital floodlights would enhance the fan experience.

The Khalifa international stadium’s lighting system interacts with the roof lighting system, displaying RGB effects with various range of hues, reflecting the active vibrant side of the activities to take place at the site.

Khalifa stadium sets an unparalleled example of creating a sensory experience for all visitors. With an array of vibrant colors and dynamic lighting effects, the stadium’s façade lighting can create a myriad of captivating scenes.

The facade lighting of the Khalifa stadium is a marvel of modern technology and artistic design. the lighting system is meticulously crafted to highlight the stadium’s unique contours, emphasizing its striking architecture and making it a focal point in the city skyline.