Doha, Qatar
Landscape Lighting

The lighting of La Paz revolves around highlighting the existing organic shapes of the landscape. Recessed Walk-Over curved lights all around the planter boxes highlight the contrast between the straight lines of the building and the organic shapes of the softscape.

Two color Temperature will be used to echo the difference and to create a contrast between the softscape and the hardscape.

Warm White will be used in an effort to create a cozy and serene atmosphere while highlighting the different elements constituting the Hardscape such as planters, benches, pavement etc.

Neutral White will be used for all trees, in order to cast the exact color of it.

By lighting the different trees in different treatments each type of tree will be given its importance. In the courtyard Spike Projectors inside the planters highlight the trees’ crowns from below.

Whereas to highlight the entries, Decorative Diffused Circular Lamps around the trees will be used. Light fixtures will be of different diameters and at different heights creating a dynamic effect and providing light to the tree’s trunk and crown.

We also aimed to Create an integration between areas through lighting by providing indirect lighting around the green step and water features.