Airports and Land Ports
Saudi Arabia
Facade Lighting

Our lighting concept aims to create a mesmerizing visual experience that evolves throughout the day and year, celebrating the cultural diversity and shared heritage of KSA and Qatar.

It features an integration of a mesh screen in the architectural elements of the gate. The screen takes the form of the curving roof blending in with the prominent element. This helps create a visually stunning and technologically advanced lighting installation that aims to display different content, announcements, and ads. The LED mesh screen can display intricate details with its high-resolution properties and will accommodate the ability to customize various content types.

This lighting scheme transitions to adapt to the time of day. Also, it is a solution that utilizes energy efficient LED technology to minimize power consumption.

With dynamic lighting effects, functional illumination, symbolic representation, and environmental considerations, the design not only enhances the aesthetics of the border area but also adds a touch of spectacle, cultural significance, and sustainability to the overall experience.