The lighting of La Paz revolves around highlighting the existing organic shapes of the landscape. Recessed Walk-Over curved lights all around the planter boxes highlight the contrast between the straight lines of the building and the organic shapes of the softscape.

Two color Temperature will be used to echo the difference and to create a contrast between the softscape and the hardscape.

Warm White will be used in an effort to create a cozy and serene atmosphere while highlighting the different elements constituting the Hardscape such as planters, benches, pavement etc.

Neutral White will be used for all trees, in order to cast the exact color of it.

By lighting the different trees in different treatments each type of tree will be given its importance. In the courtyard Spike Projectors inside the planters highlight the trees’ crowns from below.

Whereas to highlight the entries, Decorative Diffused Circular Lamps around the trees will be used. Light fixtures will be of different diameters and at different heights creating a dynamic effect and providing light to the tree’s trunk and crown.

We also aimed to Create an integration between areas through lighting by providing indirect lighting around the green step and water features.


The lighting concept for Al Waab Mall revolved around creating a subtle yet playful lighting scheme. The Scenarios varied with using RGBW products that offer a variety in effects, according to occasions and events.

For the pathways two solutions were provided, an integrated recessed walkover fixture which spreads the light uniformly was added to create pleasant visual effects. The second option would be an integrated recessed diffused walkover uplights which makes it optimal fixture for pathway, gathering areas

Palm trees present a challenge for lighting because the area to be illuminated is tall and narrow. It requires precise light distributions providing light onto the target surface. Spike projectors will be placed in the planter box to highlight the trees and spread the overall light in the space.

For the architectural elements, the Use of dynamic LED lighting to illuminate the mall’s exterior, allows for color-changing effects and seasonal themes. Also, by Utilizing a combination of general and accent lighting emphasizes merchandise and create a comfortable shopping environment. The accent lighting creates a striking first impression.


Establishing a captivating blend of elegance and natural harmony, Maysan Resort lighting design was meticulously crafted to enhance the guests’ experience.

The lighting of the landscape depended on creating a serene ambiance leading the people smoothly across the project. This was achieved by maintaining low levels of light. by embracing this approach, an intimate and enchanting atmosphere that encourages relaxation, enhances natural beauty, and immerses guests into the space showed a unique sensory experience.

The enchanting nocturnal atmosphere invites guests to indulge in the resort’s natural beauty long after the sun sets.

A blend between lighting and the architecture encourages light that merges with the surrounding, thus specific fixtures made of brass were tailored to this project. The warm hue of brass complements the low-level lighting, creating a sophisticated aesthetic that exudes timeless charm.

By illuminating trees, the resort’s landscape takes on a magical quality. The gentle glow cascading through the branches adds depth and creates captivating visual effects, making the landscape come alive at night.

The exterior lighting of Maysan Doha LXR Hotel and Resort transforms the property into a captivating spectacle after dusk. Subtle pathway lighting, accentuating architectural details, and enchanting poolside illuminations create an inviting atmosphere for guests and passersby alike.


The Al Janoub Stadium, which was one of the stadiums that hosted Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup games, was inspired by the local dhow boats and the rich maritime heritage of Qatar, to reflect the cultural significance of its location within the coastal city of Al Wakrah.

The lighting design concept focused on overcoming a significant technological task. By maintaining the cleanliness of the architecture and emphasizing its curves, a solution that will provide uniform lighting had to be achieved across the façade to ensure a captivating visual effect. The layers of the exterior shell were reflected in the lighting by appropriately directing projectors across the façade.

To illuminate the entire project, 313 columns and 1090 luminaires were used, a model that also appeals to energy efficiency with independent high transparency lenses. And for the columns, to provide the intended luminous feeling, different heights ranging from 5 m to 16.2 m were installed. Basic principles of lighting the outdoor area were closely examined, and the appropriate lux level was provided to the practice courts to ensure that they did not interfere with the light level in the relaxed pedestrian areas around the stadium.

An appropriate lighting scheme was implemented by reintegrating linear lighting into the balustrades to guarantee strong lights for a sense of security. A small detail that is an eye-catching feature, accentuating its architectural lines, and creating a visually appealing and inviting environment

Step lighting was added for the running tracks, a feature that enhances visibility and ensures that users can navigate the area with ease. Several factors were taken into consideration for the track layout, such as compliance with lighting standards and regulations as well as optimal placement and visual appeal.