The volumes are visually connected by their spiraling pattern, and physically by a base volume, that combines the 10 towers together.

Our design is inspired from natures powerful element “Wind” the tornado effect shows a continuity of effect on the façade and showcases the facades as one element.

The vertical treatment will be to the close by viewer, providing an experience that accentuates the height of the building. People will be drawn to look up, to the moving effects.

By creating two effects the scenarios will be personalized to each point of view.

For closer viewing points, the LED Mesh will have smaller Pitch on the vertical side allowing for a screen for people nearest to the Towers.



Bioluminescence, the production, and emission of light by living organisms, is the main lighting concept of the residential tower.

Inspired by the greenery infused in the building, the lighting concept was to highlight the relationship between life and nature by focusing the lights on the vegetations.

like us humans, most living species share this close relationship with light.

The contrast between animate and inanimate is reflected using two different color temperatures. cool white is used to highlight architectural elements while warm white is used to bring the vegetation to life in the dead of the night.